ADDCONATE BASE 2000 - Description

ADDCONATE BASE 2000 is a unique emulsifier base for soluble oils. ADDCONATE BASE 2000 uses ADDCONATE H as the primary emulsifier instead of using petroleum sulfonates. This allows for making a soluble oil that is sulfur and phosphorus free, which significantly increases its bio-resistance. ADDCONATE BASE 2000 is a low cost base for use with naphthenic oils that can also be used with paraffinic oils (some adjustment may be required depending on the characteristics of the base oil). The base itself is slightly hazy, but is stable and will provide a clear soluble oil concentrate. The typical treat rate of ADDCONATE BASE 2000 in a soluble oil concentrate is 15-18% in base oil. The concentrate should be used at 5-10% in water, depending on the severity of the application. ADDCONATE BASE 2000 is compatible with many different biocides, including CONTRAM ST-1.


More information about ADDCONATE BASE 2000

  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Good flexibility as a base package
  • Good hard water emulsion stability
  • Works synergistically with SYN-ESTER products to impart additional lubricity

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