ADDCONATE M - Description

ADDCONATE M is an emulsifier for soluble oil and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. This highly branched succinic acid derivative can be neutralized with metal hydroxides or triethanolamine to perform as a primary or secondary emulsifier. ADDCONATE M is based on proven technology produced in a continuous reaction process for consistency and reliability. ADDCONATE M is supplied in acid form and must be neutralized to function as an emulsifier. When replacing some or all sodium sulfonate in a metalworking fluid, it may be necessary to modify your formulation emulsifier HLB.


More information about ADDCONATE M

  • Excellent solubility in a wide range of base stocks
  • Good hard water emulsion stability
  • Good wetting characteristics
  • Improved handling properties through lower viscosity
  • Minimizes foam in water-based fluids
  • Outstanding cutting fluid compatibility
  • Works synergistically with SYN-ESTER products to impart additional lubricity

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