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Adimoll DB

Butyl Adipate Adipate Plasticizer

Adimoll DB - Description

Adimoll DB is a plasticizer for melt processable cellulose esters (CAB, CP), nitrocellulose, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers (VCVAC), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Adimoll DB

More information about Adimoll DB

  • Good compatibility with cellulose derivates - used as low-temperature-resistant plasticizer for melt processable cellulose acetate butyrates and cellulose propionates.
  • Very low viscosity, enabling the manufacture of highly filled pigment batches.
  • Good compatibility with polyurethane systems.
  • Good gelling capacity for PVC but only a limited compatibility. Adimoll DB can therefore only be added in small amounts to improve low-temperature resistance and reduce the viscosity of the plastisol.
  • High volatility and strong tendency to migrate; this property is very useful, for example, for plasticized PVC from which a constant migration of certain active ingredients over a prolonged period is desirable, e.g. in flea collars for dogs and cats.
  • Good compatibility with nitrocellulose.
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