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Adlec RL and Yelkin Canola

Rapeseed (Canola) lecithin, Non-GMO

Yelkin Canola and Adlec RL lecithin are non-GMO, surface-active agent derived from rapeseed. In the presence of two immiscible liquid phases, These lecithins reduces the surface tension and acts as an emulsifier. When used between a solid and a liquid phase Yelkin Canola and Adlec RL lecithin acts as a wetting and dispersing agent. When used between solid phases Both lecithins act as a lubricant or release agent.

  • baking
  • bars
  • beverages
  • bread
  • cakes
  • chocolate products and compound coatings
  • cookies
  • crackers
  • dairy based milk replacers
  • fruit prep and fillings
  • margarine
  • nutritional supplements
  • pan oils
  • pastry
  • pies
  • release agents
  • salty snacks
  • soy milk
  • spreads
  • waffles

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