Alsibronz - Description

Alsibronz pigments are based on musacovite mica, a chemically inert, potassium aluminum silicate platelet. This water washed mica has a very high aspect ratio, exceptional surface smoothness and high whiteness. These characteristics result in extremely high quality mica for a wide variety of industrial applications.


More information about Alsibronz

Alsibronz 39 is a medium particle-size mica. It has applications in interior and exterior coatings, primers, wood preservatives, plastics and other barrier applications. In plastics, Alsibronz 39 offers high flex modulus and heat distortion temperature. In silicone lubricants for tire manufacturing it provides excellent slip and mold release properties.

Alsibronz 55 is a medium-coarse particle-size mica which most often finds application in a range of interior and exterior coatings. This product is also found in more unique applications such as traffic paints, concrete floor coatings and foundry/refractory coatings.

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