Amisoft HS-11P - Description

Amisoft HS-11P is an anionic surfactant produced from L-Glutamic acid (an amino acid) and plant-derived palm fatty acid. Extremely hypoallergenic and well suited as a emulsifier. The pH is similar to that of the skin, therefore, it is very mild to the skin. Natural and environmentally friendly.


Amisoft HS-11P

More information about Amisoft HS 11P

  • Amisoft HS-11P is produced from L-Glutamic acid and plant-derived palm fatty acid.

  • Amisoft HS-11P is a strong anionic O/W emulsifier for the preparation of cosmetic 0/W emulsions. Good compatibility of electrolytes

  • Amisoft HS-11P is good compatible with inorganic/organic electrolytes.

  • Amisoft HS-11P is suitable for emulsion including much electrolytes such as Sodium PCA and Ascorbic acid derivatives.

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