Ancamide Amidoamines - Description

Ancamide amidoamine curing agents are reaction products of ethyleneamines with tall oil fatty acid. This range of products offers differing reactivites, low viscosity, and exhibit very good adhesion, particularly to concrete.  It also includes modified versions for faster cure speed and improved chemical resistance.

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Range of amidoamines of differing reactivities. Exhibit very good adhesion, particularly to concrete. Good cure under humid conditions. Modified amidoamines can offer faster cure speed and improved chemical resistance. Available grades include: Ancamide 500: Low viscosity, moderate pot life. Noncritical mixing ratio. Good adhesion to concrete. Used alone or with other curing agents (e.g., Ancamine 1608, 1768 or 2432) to adjust cure rate and other properties. Ancamide 501: Modified, accelerated version of Ancamide 500. Cures under humid conditions. Very good adhesion to concrete. Exhibits good chemical resistance. Ancamide 502: Faster cure version of Ancamide 500. Ancamide 503: Faster gel time and thin-film cure time than either Ancamide 500 or 502. Ancamide 506: Highest imidazoline content of amidoamine offering for long pot life and good through cure with very little exotherm. In high-solids coatings, often mixed with cycloaliphatic curing agents. Ancamide 507: Fast cure with good water resistance for use alone or with polyamide adducts such as Ancamide 700-B-75. Ancamide 2137: Good resistance to blush and exudation. Good flexibility, reverse impact resistance, and non-critical loading (70-100 phr). Ancamide 2386: Long pot life with good thin-film set time. Excellent film formation, blush resistance and good low-temperature cure compared with standard amidoamines. Very good solvent and corrosion resistance. Ancamide 2396: Excellent adhesion to cold, damp concrete. High strength and modulus, and the best chemical resistance of the amidoamine offerings. Less amine blush than standard amidoamines. Ancamide 2426: A plasticizer-free curing agent. Long pot life with excellent blush resistance. Excellent hardness development and good resistance to aqueous reagents. Good color stability.

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