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Ancamine aromatic amines are based on aromatic backbones which lead to high glass transition temperatures. This leads to the development of higher heat distortion temperature in the cured products. Aromatic amine cured epoxy systems can give films with excellent gloss, blush free and excellent chemical resistance. Aromatic amine cured systems are commonly used in tank linings, primers, maintenance coatings in corrosive environments.

Ancamine Aromatic Amines

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Amicure 101: Amicure 101 is a proprietary, non-MDA aromatic amine curing agent. It offers excellent pot life, short gel time at 300°F and it yields high heat distortion temperatures in the finished product. In addition, it is non-staining and yields a low formulated viscosity at room temperature. Amicure 101 provides several key advantages in fiber reinforced composites, electrical/electronic encapsulation, tooling, casting, molding, adhesives and coatings. It can be used as a multipurpose, low-viscosity liquid hardener in applications where good handling characteristics, moderate exotherms, high temperature performance and good chemical resistance are important.

Ancamine 1482: Ancamine 1482 curing agent is a liquid eutectic mixture of aromatic amines designed to cure liquid epoxy resins. Relative to conventional solid aromatic amines, this product offers the advantage of extending pot life by permitting the mixing of the resin and curing agent at room temperature. As a result, waste due to premature gelation can be reduced or even eliminated. As an elevated temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resins, it is similar in performance to standard solid aromatic amines such as methylene dianiline (MDA) and metaphenylene diamine (mPDA). It provides excellent chemical resistance, typical of aromatic amines. Ancamine 1482 is FDA approved as an epoxy hardener under 21 CFR 177.2280 for the manufacture of repeat use articles such as filament-wound pipes and tanks. Where appearance is important, systems based on this product should be formulated in dark or shade colors only.

Ancamine Y: Ancamine Y curing agent is an aromatic amine designed for curing liquid epoxy resins at elevated temperatures. It exhibits the longest pot life of MDA-based aromatic amines with excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, and high temperature tolerance.

Ancamine Z: Ancamine Z curing agent is a liquid aromatic amine eutectic designed for curing liquid epoxy resins at elevated temperatures. It can be used at lower relative loadings while still maintaining similar performance to other MDA based aromatic amines with respect to excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, and high temperature tolerance.

Ancamine DL-50: Ancamine® DL50 curing agent is a liquid mixture of aromatic amines based on methylenedianiline (MDA). In addition to MDA, Ancamine® DL50 cura-tive contains polymethylene polyanilines and aro-matic amines with functionality greater than 4. The multi-functional nature of polymethylene polyanili-nes can increase the crosslink density of a com-pletely cured epoxy compared with methyl-enedianiline. Ancamine DL50 curative is best suited for use as an epoxy curative in forced cure applications. This aromatic, multifunctional curative can be used to produce high-strength, chemically-resistant, elevated temperature tolerant epoxy parts. Epoxy systems cured with Ancamine DL50 curative offer excellent resistance to water, acid, alkali and hydrocarbon solvents.

Ancamine TL: Ancamine Tl is a low odor, low irrtation modified aromatic amine curing agents for liquid epoxy resins. They have been specifcally designed for use in tank lining applications where portable water, wine, vinegar and vegetable oils are stored.

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