Ancamine Cycloaliphatic Amines - Description

Polyamines with at least one amino group attached directly to a saturated ring. They will B-stage at ambient temperature, requiring heat for full cure.  The Ancamine line of cycloaliphatic amine curing agents also includes products which have been modified in various ways to allow complete cure at ambient temperature. Modifications include adduction and condensation reactions (Mannich bases).

Ancamine Cycloaliphatic Amines

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Cycloaliphatic amines exhibit the following properties:

  • Cure at low temperatures under damp conditions
  • Good film properties (e.g., excellent gloss)
  • Resistant to amine blush and water spotting
  • Excellent color and color stability
  • Good adhesion and very good chemical resistance
  • Range of cure times and pot lives
  • For heat-cure applications - good elevated-temperature performance, very good chemical resistance, and electrical and mechanical properties
Ancamine 1732: ANCAMINE 1732 curing agent is a chemically modified cyclo- aliphatic amine intended for room temperature curing of liquid epoxy resins.

Ancamine 2072: 
Ancamine 2072 is a phenol-free curing agent by Evonik. Suitable for use with liquid epoxy resins under cold, damp conditions. Offers very good chemical resistance. Imparts the ability to cure under high humidity and low temperature conditions down to 4°C. Exhibits good gloss and smooth finishes in cured films. Ancamine 2072 is used in industrial & semi-decorative flooring and general-purpose concrete primers.

Ancamine 2334: 
Ancamine 2334 curative is a modified cycloaliphatic amine curing agent designed for use with liquid epoxy resin at ambient temperature. The key benefits of formulations based on Ancamine 2334 are excellent resistance to hot oleic acid, and good resistance to dilute sulfuric acid and methanol. Appropriate applications include industrial flooring and chemically resistant coatings in food preparation areas.

Ancamine 2505: 
Ancamine 2505 curing agent is a modified cycloaliphatic amine intended for use with liquid epoxy resins. It imparts very rapid development of physical properties at ambient and low temperatures, for a fast return to service. The product yields formulations with very good chemical resistance, waterspot resistance, and resistance to amine blush. These properties make Ancamine 2505 curing agent ideal for formulating epoxy flooring, coatings and linings.

Ancamine 2587: 
Ancamine 2587 curing agent is a modified cycloaliphatic polyamine that provides excellent resistance to solvents and high temperatures. For room temperature cure applications, we recommend using Ancamine 2587 curing agent with diluted resin systems.

Ancamine 2605: 
Ancamine 2605 curing agent is a modified cycloaliphatic polyamine intended for use as a room temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resin. Ancamine 2605 curative offers exceptional cost in-use economics and a broad balance of chemical resistance and surface appearance properties. It also provides high mechanical build, rapid cure and is particularly suitable for lower temperature use.

Ancamine 2672: Ancamine 2672 curing agent is a modified cycloaliphatic amine designed for use as a room temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resin. Special features of this curing agent include low viscosity, allowing for higher filler loadings and the ability to cure relatively quickly at low temperatures. Ancamine 2672 curing agent is intended for use in solventfree coatings, high film build systems, self-leveling and screed flooring applications.

Ancamine 2749: 
Ancamine 2749 is a cycloaliphatic amine adduct curing agent designed for use with liquid epoxy resins. It is supplied as an amber liquid and has a viscosity of 275cPs at 25 °C.

Ancamine 2764: 
Ancamine 2764 curing agent is low color, low viscosity, modified cylcloaliphatic amine intended for use as an ambient temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resins.

Ancamine 2791:
Ancamine 2791 curing agent is a low-viscosity curing agent designed for high temperature epoxy systems. Ancamine 2791 curing agent is intended to be used as a sole curing agent and is designed for in-situ post-cure (starting at ~80⁰C). Ancamine 2791 curing agent is recommended for use with LER for normal conditions and with Novolac/Bis-F for harsher conditions. 

Ancamine 2927: 
Ancamine 2927 curing agent is designed to have a good balance of long latency and relatively low temperature cure with liquid epoxy resin. The low viscosity enhances the fabric wetting, minimizes material waste and improves overall throughput. It is recommended for use in cured-in-place-pipe and composites applications.

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