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Tertiary amines cure an epoxy resin by catalytic anionic polymerization.  They are excellent accelerators for other curing agents, especially polyamides and amidoamines.

Ancamine Tertiary Amines

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Amicure DBU-E accelerator is a tertiary amine salt that functions as a cure accelerator for high performance epoxy resin systems. Ancamine 1110 curing agent is a technical grade of dimethylaminomethylphenol. It is similar to Ancamine K54 curing agent in its behavior as a catalyst, but is less reactive. Blends of Ancamine 1110 and Ancamine K54 curing agents provide intermediate reactivity. Ancamine K54 curing agent is a technical grade of tris-(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol�a versatile Lewis Base catalyst for curing epoxy resins. It is used both as a curing agent (adhesives applications) and as an activator for other curing agents including amidoamines, amine adducts and polyamides (coatings, castings, flooring, concrete and adhesives applications). It is also the preferred catalyst for blends of liquid epoxy resin and liquid polysulfides for body solder, sealant and concrete adhesives applications. Also, it is a highly efficient catalyst for epoxy resins cured with polycarboxylic acids and anhydrides (casting and laminate applications), as well as for the isocyanate/polyol and isocyanate trimerization reactions (isocyanurate foam applications). Ancamine K61B curing agent is tris-(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol tri (2-ethyl hexoate). Ancamine K61B is an amine salt catalyst. Compared to Ancamine K54 accerator, Ancamine 61B provides longer potlife, lower exotherm and lower shrinkage.

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