Ancarez - Description

Ancarez AR555 is a waterborne solid epoxy resin dispersion delivered at 55% solids in water.  It is designed for use in two-component, ambient cure epoxy systems. Ancarez AR555 delivers superior performance at lower cost when compared to conventional solid resin dispersions.  The unique nature of Ancarez AR555 allows film formation without high levels of coalescing solvent, which enables the formulation of low odor, Zero VOC systems.

More information about Ancarez

Ancarez AR555 affords:

  • Zero VOC capability

  • Fast dry speed: < 30 minutes

  • Excellent universal colorant acceptance

  • Early water resistance: 2 hours

  • Long pot life: >3 hours

  • High gloss

  • Zero induction time

  • Low resin viscosity

  • Low odor

  • Lower cost-in-use

  • High corrosion resistance

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