Anquawhite - Description

Anquawhite 100 is a novel waterborne curing agent dispersion designed for use in ambient or heat cure two part epoxy systems. It is well suited for epoxy formulations seeking low yellowing, good acid and food stain resistance, and good water wear at low VOC.  Formulations based on Anquawhite 100 and Ancarez AR555 epoxy resin offer long pot life, fast dry, high gloss, and high water resistance while maintaining VOC levels < 100 g/l.


More information about Anquawhite

Anquawhite 100 offers the following performance advantages:

  • Formulating latitude

  • High solids/low viscosity

  • Long pot life, fast dry, low VOC

  • High gloss

  • Good acid and food stain resistance

  • Low color and good color retention

  • Hot ire pick up resistance

  • Freeze thaw stable

  • Can provide clear films even in high build

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