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Aquadew SPA-30B

INCI Name: Sodium Polyaspartate, Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Water

Aquadew SPA-30B - Description

Aquadew SPA-30B is an anionic moisturizer derived from Aspartic acid, a kind of amino acid. Aspartic acid occurs in vegetable protein such as asparagus and soybean. AQUADEW SPA-30B has high affinity for skin, the feel is plainly distinguishable. It leaves skin feeling moist, smooth and completely tackless. For hair care application, AQUADEW SPA-30B moisturizes hair and improves hair manageability. It is also effective to protect hair from split ends or breakage.

Aquadew SPA-30B

More information about Aquadew SPA 30B

Efficacy on skin

  • Aquadew SPA-30B keeps skin moist and supple.

  • Aquadew SPA-30B is expected to protect and repair the damaged skin with its moisturizing and film-forming properties.

Efficacy on hair

  • Aquadew SPA-30B retains moisture in hair.

  • Aquadew SPA-30B imparts softness to hair.

  • Aquadew SPA-30B improves the tensile strength of hair.

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