AQUALOX AX242HT-90 - Description

AQUALOX AX242HT-90 is an amine salt of organic acids and is a lubricating, low foaming, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor and hydro trope for metalworking fluids and cleaners. It provides excellent anti-wear characteristics in aqueous synthetic metalworking fluids.
AQUALOX 242HT-90 functions as a hydro trope in cleaners by coupling together builders, detergents, stabilizers and other ingredients into solution. It has been formulated with a low free amine content to allow the formulator flexibility in selecting the desired reserve alkalinity and does not contain Diethanolamine (DEA).


More information about AQUALOX AX242HT-90

  • Inhibits ferrous corrosion as measured by IP-125, IP-287 and the Filter Paper Chip Rust Test
  • Provides very low foaming tendencies
  • Simple formulation of product added to water provides an easy-to-manufacture solution

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