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AQUATAC™ dispersions can be easily formulated to achieve optimum performance properties for both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive adhesives. They are compatible with a broad range of waterborne polymers including natural rubber, C-SBR, SBR, polychloroprene and acrylic lattices. These products offer an excellent balance of adhesive shear, tack and peel. Their biorenewable content is 50%.


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AQUATAC® 6025 dispersion is a low softening point waterborne tackifier for pressure sensitive adhesives. It can be used with higher softening point tackifiers to improve low temperature adhesion.

AQUATAC® 6085 dispersion is a unique, waterborne resin for pressure sensitive adhesives. AQUATAC® 6085 is compatible with acrylics and carboxylated SBR lattices. Pressure sensitive adhesives formulated with AQUATAC® 6085 will have aggressive tack and peel, as well as excellent shear properties even after aging.

AQUATAC® 9027 is a high-solids solution of rosin-based tackifiers, formulated with a low softening point for product assembly and pressure sensitive adhesive applications. AQUATAC® 9027 can be used as the sole tackifier for low temperature applications or difficult to bond substrates.

AQUATAC® E5375 is a rosin ester dispersion for waterborne pressure sensitive adhesives. This dispersion has been designed for use in pressure sensitive adhesives with an excellent balance of loop, shear, and peel properties for label and tape applications, and is suitable for high-shear coating processes. AQUATAC® E5375 is compatible with

acrylics and carboxylated SBR lattices and other lattices.

AQUATAC® E6180 is an alkyl phenol free rosin ester dispersion designed for high-performance waterborne pressure sensitive adhesives using the latest in surfactant technologies. It was developed for use in label and tape applications requiring an excellent balance of loop, shear, and peel properties while maintaining mechanical stability when used on high mechanical shear adhesive coating processes. AQUATAC® E6180 is compatible with a wide variety of polymer systems, including acrylics and carboxylated SBR lattices.


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