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Products in the Arcol® portfolio include diols, triols and polymeric polyols. The molecular weights of Arcol® polyether polyols range from below 300 to as high as 6,000. Polyether polyols have low viscosities combined with excellent resistance to hydrolysis and good physical stability.


More information about Arcol®

Arcol® polyether polyols have been developed for the formulation of polyurethanes that do not use solvents.  They are suitable for a number of different applications, including adhesives and sealants, elastomeric coatings, and molded and flexible foams.

When combined with Desmodur® isocyanate crosslinkers, Arcol polyethers are used to formulate soft, low modulus construction joint sealants and rigid high-strength flooring adhesives.

In addition to the formulation of non-solvent adhesives and sealants, our Arcol® polyether polyols are effective in elastic and elastomeric coatings as well as molded and flexible foams.


® = registered tradenamrk of COVESTRO AG, Leverkusen

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