Bayhydur® - Description

Bayhydur® waterborne crosslinkers are water-dispersible aliphatic hydrophilically modified polyisocyanate which are surfactant-free and offer easy mixing. They are widely used for the formulation of water-based polyurethanes for adhesives, automotive coatings, can and coil coatings, construction and flooring coatings, glass coatings, industrial coatings, OEM primer surfacers, plastic coatings, pigmented coatings, printing inks, and wood coatings.

Bayhydur® crosslinkers are easily dispersed in the aqueous phase, even at the low shear forces often used for industrial coatings. Coatings based on Bayhydur® crosslinkers also provide, strong chemical resistance, good impact resistance, high gloss, low haze and excellent physical properties.

Bayhydur® crosslinkers can be combined with Bayhydrol waterborne polyols to produce polyurethane coatings which provide the high level of protection and appealing appearance expected from conventional solventborne systems. They also have very low solvent content and significantly reduced solvent emissions.


More information about Bayhydur®

  • Durable: Creates protective, impact- and chemical resistant surfaces.
  • Attractive: Offers high gloss, low haze good looks.
  • Sustainable: Low solvent content and significantly reduced solvent emissions.

® = registered tradenamrk of COVESTRO AG, Leverkusen

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