BECROSAN 2128 - Description

BECROSAN 2128 is an arylsulfonamido carboxylic acid recommended for use as a corrosion inhibitor in aqueous metalworking fluids. When neutralized with a water-soluble amine, BECROSAN 2128 becomes a water-soluble salt (amine carboxylate) that will impart corrosion inhibiting properties in metalworking fluids. A typical metalworking fluid concentrate should contain 15-30% of the amine carboxylate to achieve no ferrous corrosion. BECROSAN 2128 has advantages over popular diacids used to make ferrous corrosion inhibitors. BECROSAN 2128 salts are extremely hard water stable, capable of exceeding 1000 ppm hardness water with no clouding or precipitation. BECROSAN 2128 is also much more compatible with other ingredients used in water-based fluids, which means more can be added to a formulation while maintaining stability and fewer coupling additives are required to maintain stability. Lastly, BECROSAN 2128 is easier to neutralize, allowing for faster blending and more consistent finished fluids.


More information about BECROSAN 2128

  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Inhibits ferrous corrosion as measured by IP-125, IP-287 and the Filter Paper Chip Rust Test
  • Provides both short and long-term corrosion of tool or work piece
  • Provides very low foaming tendencies

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