BECROSAN 2131 - Description

BECROSAN 2131 is an organic polycarboxylic acid which is commonly neutralized to make highly effective corrosion inhibitors for water-based lubricants. BECROSAN 2131 salts are often hard water tolerant relative to other carboxylic acid based corrosion inhibitors as well as low foaming with excellent air release. The polycarboxylic acid nature of BECROSAN 2131 allows the corrosion inhibitor to have multiple anchor points to a metal surface, and therefore provide stronger attraction and better protection across a wide range of metal substrates. BECROSAN 2131 is a 50% active wet powder, and is sold as a solid in bags or super sacks. It readily reacts with alkanolamines and other alkali sources, and once neutralized with a hydrophilic base it becomes soluble in water. A typical application would be neutralization with monoethanolamine (MEA) and subsequent formulation into a water-based metalworking fluid to provide ferrous corrosion inhibition. BECROSAN 2131 can also be used in other finished fluids such as metal cleaners and water-based rust preventives.


More information about BECROSAN 2131

  • Excellent antirust protection
  • Inhibits ferrous corrosion as measured by IP-125, IP-287 and the Filter Paper Chip Rust Test
  • Provides both short and long-term corrosion of tool or work piece
  • Provides very low foaming tendencies

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