BECROSAN CP 2138 - Description

BECROSAN CP 2138 is a boron-containing alkanolamine compound recommended for use as a corrosion inhibitor in all types of water-based metalworking fluids, cleaners, and industrial fluids. BECROSAN™ CP 2138 provides all the benefits of boron corrosion inhibitor chemistry in an easy-to-handle, readily water-soluble liquid form. Hazard classification concerns related to boron compounds can be eliminated by using this fully registered alkanolamine salt. BECROSAN CP 2138 should be considered as a primary corrosion inhibitor compound in all types of water-based fluid applications to control rust during use and for temporary storage operations. Recommended use concentrations will vary based on the fluid performance requirements, use conditions, and other components in the finished formulation. In most applications, BECROSAN CP 2138 provides additional reserve alkalinity to the finished formulation to buffer pH levels and supplement overall corrosion protection. Synergistic corrosion inhibition can be achieved by combining BECROSAN CP 2138 with carboxylic acid corrosion inhibitors in the finished formulation, such as pairing with BECROSAN 2128. When used in combination, these two additive types will generally outperform either variety used alone. BECROSAN CP 2138 is free of secondary amines and therefore fulfills the requirements of German TRGS 611.


More information about BECROSAN CP 2138

  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Inhibits ferrous corrosion as measured by IP-125, IP-287 and the Filter Paper Chip Rust Test
  • Provides very low foaming tendencies

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