Black Olive - Description

Black effect pigments with a champagne undertone and a metallic appearance offering excellent hiding power, a unique black color space along with dark face and flop.

Black Olive

More information about Black Olive

Black Olive 90C0Z is effect pigment based on cobalt compounds coated mica flakes with metallic appearance. Offers excellent hiding power and it can create novel effects in molded plastic products when used as a styling aid. It possesses magnetic qualities that can create a distinct three-dimensional effect. It adds depth and luster to water- and solvent-based coatings. Black Olive 90C0Z is recommended to be used in electronic equipment, appliances, sporting goods, packaging, specialty decorative coatings and inks.

Black Olive Exterior OCO3Z is a charcoal-based, special effect pigment with metallic appearance, dark face and flop. It is processed using chrome-free surface (CFS) treatment. Exhibits excellent weathering, high quality and performance. Black Olive OCO3Z is suitable for powder coatings. Recommended for automotive, architectural/ coil and general industrial coatings.

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