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Bonding Agent 2001 N

Polyisocyanurate Reactive Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent 2001 N - Description

Bonding Agent 2001 N is a solvent-free one component polyisocyanurate bonding agent used to improve the

adhesion of PVC plastisol inks and coatings to substrates made of polyester, polyamide or aramid fibers.


More information about Bonding Agent 2001 N

The bond strength of a coating is wholly dependent on the composition of the base coat. For this reason, the section below deals with the base coat only. 2 - 6 % Bonding Agent 2001 is the amount recommended for PVC base coat plastisols. Under standardized conditions, the addition of 4 % by wt. Bonding Agent 2001 led to average bond strength values of 253 N/5 cm for polyester fabric and 255 N/5 cm for polyamide fabric. Bonding Agent 2001 is a moisture-sensitive reactive system. The bonding agent should not be mixed into the PVC base coat plastisol until shortly before coating.

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