Castung 103 G-H - Description

Castung 103 G-H (Dehydrated Castor Oil) is an unbodied dehydrated castor oil that is light colored and low viscosity. It is a triglyceride very high in linoleic acid content and no linolenic acid content resulting in light color and a non-yellowing property in its dry film. It can be used with pure and modified phenolic resins to obtain fast-dry coatings, alkali resistance for can linings, corrosion resistant coatings, traffic paints, ink vehicles and marine finishes. Castung 103 G-H is an excellent plasticizer for petroleum hydrocarbon resins and is preferred for alkyd and copolymer resins.

Castung 103 G-H

More information about Castung 103 G H

  • Low viscosity
  • Low free acidity
  • Very high linoleic acid content
  • Absence of linolenic acid content
  • Drying by conventional oil-based driers
  • Fast drying and curing speed
  • Light colored, non yellowing films
  • Excellent pigment wetting
  • Flow & leveling properties
  • Outstanding color retention
  • Sustainable

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