Castung 403 U-V - Description

Castung 403 U-V is a bodied dehydrated castor oil (DCO) that can be used with pure and modified phenolic resins to impart alkali resistance for can linings, corrosion resistant coatings, traffic paints, ink vehicles and marine finishes. The higher viscosity castung 403 U-V is excellent for formulating alkyd and copolymer resins, where dehydrated castor oil is well known for its non-yellowing and outstanding color retention characterics.

Castung 403 U-V

More information about Castung 403 U V

  • Produces high quality durable vehicles
  • Lght colored, non-yellowing films
  • Upgrades primary binder systems
  • Excellent pigment wetting and color development
  • Imparts excellent flow and levelling properties
  • Sustainable

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