Castung 403 Z-3 - Description

Castung 403 Z-3 (Dehydrated Castor Oil, Polymerized) is a bodied dehydrated castor oil polymerized to a higher viscosity. It has faster processing and drying times than Castung 103 G-H. This product also has the same non-yellowing and outstanding color retention characteristics. Castung 403 Z-3 is ideal as an aluminum paint vehicle because of its fast drying, flexibility and low acid value.

Castung 403 Z-3

More information about Castung 403 Z 3

  • Produces high quality durable vehicles
  • Light colored, non-yellowing films
  • Upgrade primary binder systems
  • Excellent pigment wetting and color development
  • Imparts excellent flow and levelling properties

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