CER-FCP9010G - Description

Made with patented Cerflon® technology, CER-FCP9010G grease grades are Boron Nitride reinforced

fluoropolymers. These FluoroCeramic powders combine the desirable properties of both a

fluoropolymer (PTFE, or, polytetrafluoroethylene) and Boron Nitride to provide desirable properties

unequaled by each individually, for a variety of applications.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN), commonly referred to as “white graphite”, is an advanced synthetic

ceramic. hBN is a non-toxic, dielectric, white powder with excellent thermal conductivity, oxidation

resistance and lubricating properties, even at elevated temperatures above 600 °C. This unique

combination of properties makes it a superior solid lubricant with extreme thermal stability.

PTFE, a white fluorocarbon solid at room temperature, is a high-molecular-weight thermoplastic

polymer consisting wholly of extremely strong bonds between carbon and fluorine. Chemically inert

and hydrophobic in nature, PTFE is a superior dielectric and extremely lubricious.

Boron Nitride is the only material known to fully wet PTFE. When introduced in the matrix of a

fluoropolymer, such as PTFE, it reinforces the fluoropolymer. This results in a blend with significantly

higher durability and wear properties, even at elevated temperatures, while preserving and

supplementing other critical properties such as dielectric constant and chemical inertness.

CER-FCP9010G grease grade FluoroCeramic powders are PTFE and hBN at a more economical 90:10

ratio, while still providing a wide application range for greases and other solid lubrication



More information about CER FCP9010G

  • Thermally conductive and electrically non-conductive

  • White, non-toxic and environmentally safe

  • High surface area coverage. Up to two times greater than MoS2

  • Improved lubricity over a wider temperature range

  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant

  • Improved lubrication properties over PTFE, MoS2 and graphite

  • Most versatile solid lubricant powder available today

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