Cetiol CC - Description

Cetiol CC is an innovative, fast-spreading, dry emollient that can significantly improve the sensory performance of the final formulation. Its ability to dissolve crystalline UV filters and to disperse pigments makes it particularly suitable for sun care products. Cetiol CC is also suitable for use in aerosols, as it effectively dissolves perfume and propellants.

Cetiol CC

More information about Cetiol CC

  • Attractive, light emollient for modern skin care concepts

  • Solubility for crystalline UV filters

  • Dispersing performance for pigments

  • Very good perfume and propellant solubility

  • Suitable for Silicone-free concepts

  • Improved make-up remover efficacy in facial cleansing lotions

  • Excellent emulsification properties

  • High spreading behavior

  • Superior skin compatibility with a dry, velvety skin feel

  • Ability to balance the sensory properties of heavier oils and waxes in a formulation

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