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UV Absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers

Chimassorb - Description

Chimassorb light stabilizing additives prevent the discoloration and degradation of plastic materials. They prevent harmful UV light to start plastics degradation, for example they act as free radical scavengers to maintain the appearance, as well as the chemical and physical properties of the plastics.

Chimassorb is a range of high-molecular-weight, hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) with excellent polymer compatibility and high extraction resistance. It combines exceptionally high UV and long-term thermal stability in the presence of polymers, and is further distinguished by properties such as improved pigment dispersion and process control. Chimassorb is suitable for a wide range of applications and polymers.


More information about Chimassorb

  • High performance in processing and end use
  • Superior UV and long-term thermal stability to polymers
  • Excellent polymer compatibility and high extraction resistance
  • Minimized interaction with fillers and pigments
  • Improved process control

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