Cinquasia - Description

Cinquasia are a line of high performance quinacridone pigments which combine outstanding tinctorial properties with excellent fastness to light, weather, heat and solvents.. The range offers beautiful red, violet and magenta shades with high transparency, color strength and excellent dispersibility.


More information about Cinquasia

  • High-performance pigments for the most important plastic types and end-uses, usually combining outstanding coloristic properties, excellent lightfastness, heat and chemical resistance
  • Select products offer excellent weather resistance or can be used in more demanding engineering plastics
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of polymers including PVC, Polyolefins, PS, ABS, PA, PET, PC, PMMA, Polyurethanes and Rubber
  • Select grades afford low warping in HDPE
  • High-performance red, magenta and violet quinacridone pigments that combine outstanding color strength, excellent dispersibility and transparency with excellent fastness to light, weather, heat and chemicals for aqueous, solvent-based and energy-curable coatings and inks.

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