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Clintose Crystalline Dextrose

Refined dextrose monohydrate

Clintose Crystalline Dextrose - Description

Clintose®, ADM's refined dextrose monohydrate. It is a white, crystalline product, available in granulations to fit individual processing needs. Clintose® Dextrose A is suitable for many food applications. Some properties which make it a highly versatile sugar are mild sweetness, natural flavor enhancement, high fermentability, and negative heat of solution.

Clintose Crystalline Dextrose

More information about Clintose Crystalline Dextrose

  • baking
  • beverages
  • binder
  • carrier
  • confectionery
  • dairy
  • dry mixes
  • fat reduction
  • frozen desserts
  • meats
  • salads dressings
  • sauces
  • snack foods
  • spray drying aid

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