Conductex - Description

Specialty black carbon pigments are used in a variety of applications in the plastics, inks and coatings segments. In these applications, they provide black pigmenting and enhanced properties such as conductivity, viscosity and UV protection. The selection of a specific carbon black pigment for an application depends on the end-product requirements, as well as on processing conditions.

Conductex grade carbon black pigments provide different degrees of electrical conductivity for a wide range of applications requirements. Conductex 7055 Ultra and Conductex K Ultra offer optimum conductivity with minimal contribution to viscosity in applications such as Wire & Cable, Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) applications, and Conductive Coatings.

Birla Carbon has developed products that provide the highest level of purity available. These products, referred to as Ultra® carbon black pigments, serve as industry benchmarks in various application segments. Ultra® products benefit various application systems by providing greater uniformity, increased compatibility, improved dispersion, better processing, longer screen life, enhanced color development, and reduced scrap.



More information about Conductex

• Greater uniformity

• Increased compatibility

• Improved dispersion

• Better processing

• Enhanced color development

• Optimum conductivity with minimal contribution to viscosity


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