DEH 24 - Description

D.E.H. 24 is an economical liquid aliphatic polyamine hardener, triethylenetetraamine (TETA), thatoffers a short pot-life and cures in minutes with standard unmodified liquid epoxy resins.

D.E.H. 24 Epoxy Curing Agent is used for maintenance paints, the manufacture of epoxy-amine adducts, in adhesives,and civil engineering applications. It is also used as an accelerator for polyamide curing agents. In electricalapplications, D.E.H. 24 Epoxy CuringAgent is used for casting, potting and encapsulation.

DEH 24

More information about DEH 24

  • Short pot-life curing agent based on triethylenetetramine (TETA)
  • Similar to D.E.H. 20 EpoxyCuring Agent, it provides lower vapor hazard to workers due to its higher boiling point

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