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Dehyton AO 45

INCI Name: Capric/Lauric/Myristic/Oleic Amidopropyl Betaine

Dehyton AO 45 - Description

Derived from renewable microalgae oil, Dehyton AO 45 is BASF’s newest sustainable solution for rinse off formulations. It is an effective viscosity builder that efficiently responds to salt and provides performance and mildness for a variety of uses.  This new algal betaine is a high performance alternative to cocamidopropyl betaine or other secondary surfactants in products that require rich and gentle foam such as shampoos, liquid soaps, and other Personal Care applications.

Dehyton AO 45

More information about Dehyton AO 45

  • World’s first commercial algal derived betaine*

  • Mild, amphoteric surfactant for a variety of uses

  • Efficient salt response

  • Effective viscosity builder

  • Comparable foam profile to traditional betaine

  • Good potential for formula drop-in replacement

  • Quick solubility

  • Cold processable

  • Unpreserved

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