Dekanex 2008 FG - Description

Dekanex 2008 FG is a synthetic oil produced by oligomerization of the 1-decene.

Its velvet, rich but non-greasy and non-oily skin feeling brings softness, emolliency and spreadability to formulations and can be considered as a sensory alternative to heavy mineral oils.

Being extremely pure and fully innocuous, this is the ideal ingredient for a large range of cosmetic products (skin care, sun care, make up, baby care)

Dekanex 2008 FG

More information about Dekanex 2008 FG

  • Compatible with common emollients, silicones and other oil phase ingredients.

  • Stable through a large range of pH and has excellent oxidation and thermal stability.

  • Suitable use concentrations are ca. 1 – 100 %.

  • This product is not intended for food applications.

  • Halal certified.

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