Dekaquat 400 - Description

Dekaquat 400 is a cationic, water-soluble conditioning polymer. It is recommended for use in hair conditioning formulations and in conditioning shampoos. Dekaquat 400 is highly compatible with a wide variety of surfactants. It is suitable over a wide pH range (4 – 8). Dekaquat 400 plays a key role in formulations for polymer deposition and the desired conditioning effect.

Some suggested applications are shampoos, hair conditioners, hair setting lotions, hair straighteners, detangling sprays, cleansing products, hair wave sets, shaving preparations, bath oils and soaps and skin care preparations.

Dekaquat 400

More information about Dekaquat 400

  • Highly compatible with a wide variety of surfactants

  • Suitable for use over a wide pH range (4–8)

  • Dekaquat 400 is Halal certified

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