DEN 424 - Description

D.E.N. 424 is an epoxidized phenolic resin of higher functionality than standard bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins. It was developed to fill the gap between the two functional standard bisphenol F based liquid epoxy resins and the high viscous epoxy novolac resins. The multi-functionality ( ± 2.4 epoxy groups per mole) produces a more tightly cross-linked cured system than bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins providing improved high temperature performance and improved resistance against various chemicals. Suitable for lining pipelines, storage tanks and pumps.

DEN 424

More information about DEN 424

  • Combines the thermal stability of a phenolic backbone with the reactivity and versatility of an epoxy
  • Good thermal stability
  • Mechanical strength
  • Resistance against chemicals
  • Viscosity between standard bisphenol F and standard bisphenol A liquid epoxy resins
  • Can be formulated to fully cure at ambient temperatures with the corresponding curing agents withoutthe need of additional heat cure

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