DEN 425 - Description

D.E.N. 425 is an epoxidized phenolic resin of higher functionality than standard bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins. Developed to fill the gap between the two functional standard bisphenol F based liquid epoxy resins and the high viscous epoxy novolac resins. It has a viscosity similar to a standard bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resin. D.E.N. 425 can beformulated to fully cure at ambient temperatures with the corresponding curing agents without the need of additional heat cure. Suitable for lining pipelines, storage tanks and pumps.

DEN 425

More information about DEN 425

  • Multi-functionality (±
  • 2.5) bridges the gap between standard liquid epoxy resin and semi-solid epoxy novolac resins
  • When used in combination with a fast curing agent no post-cure is required and thermosets are obtained with excellent mechanical and especially solvent resistance properties
  • Good thermal stability
  • Mechanicalstrength
  • Resistance against chemicals

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