DEN 428 - Description

D.E.N. 428 is an epoxidized phenolic resin of higher functionality than standard bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins. Epoxy novolac resins combine, in one molecule, the thermal stability of a phenolic backbonewith the reactivity and versatility of an epoxy. They are distinguished by particular good thermal stability, mechanicalstrength and resistance against chemicals. They find ready acceptance for lining pipelines, storage tanks and pumps. D.E.N. 428 was developed to fill the gap between the two functional standard bisphenol F based liquid epoxy resins and the high viscous epoxy novolac resins. Suitable for applications such as protective coatings or linings for storage tanks, pipes, and pumps.

DEN 428

More information about DEN 428

  • Multi-functional (±
  • 2.8) epoxy novolac resin of lower viscosity compared to the higher viscosity epoxy novolac epoxy resin D.E.N. 431
  • The multi-functionality produces a more tightly cross-linked cured system than bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins having improved high temperature performance and improved resistance against various chemicals
  • Can be formulated to fully cure at ambient temperatures with the correspondingcuring agents without the need of additional heat cure
  • Improved processing
  • Good thermal resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical properties

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