DEN 431 - Description

D.E.N. 431 combines in one molecule the thermal stability of a phenolic backbone with the reactivity and versatility of an epoxy. D.E.N. 431 has multi-epoxy functionality (± 2.8). These additional reactive sites, as compared to a bisphenol-A type epoxy resin, produce tightly cross-linked cured systems. The low viscosity of D.E.N. 431 Epoxy Novolac Resin makes it especially suited for electrical varnishes, filament-wound pipes and highly chemical resistant coatings for storage tanks, adhesives, electrical and structural laminates, coatings and castings for elevated temperature service.

DEN 431

More information about DEN 431

  • Exhibits chemical resistance and elevated temperature performance between the properties of D.E.N. 438 and the bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resins
  • Adhesives based on D.E.N. 431 are ideal for use as binders for abrasives in grinding and polishing products
  • Multi-functional (±
  • 2.8) epoxy novolac resin of lower molecular weight for application where solvents cannot be tolerated and application viscosity (temperature) needs to remain relatively low
  • Used in adhesives, electrical and structural laminates and castings for elevated temperature service and excellent chemical resistance.

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