DEN 438 - Description

D.E.N. 438 is a general purpose, widely used epoxy novolac resin. It is recognized as a standard for high temperature applications from which variations have been developed. D.E.N. 438 has multi-epoxy functionality (±3.6). This makes D.E.N. 438 useful in adhesives, structural laminates, coatings and castings for elevated temperature service. Laminates can be made using D.E.N. 438 Epoxy Novolac Resin in combination with mica, synthetic glass-fiber or fiberglass reinforcement.

DEN 438

More information about DEN 438

  • Highly functional (±
  • 3.6) epoxy novolac resin offering the best mechanical, temperature and chemical resistance performance with workable viscosity
  • These additional reactive sites produce tightly cross-linked cured systems
  • Recognized as a standard for high-temperature applications
  • Combines the thermal stability of a phenolic backbone with the reactivity and versatility of a bisphenol A epoxy resin

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