DEN 438-A85 - Description

D.E.N. 438-A85 is a general purpose, widely used epoxy novolac resin. It is recognized as astandard for high temperature applications from which variations have been developed. D.E.N. 438-A85 Resin has multi-epoxy functionality (± 3.6). These additional reactive sites produce tightly cross-linked cured systems.

D.E.N.438-A85 is used alone or in combination with bisphenol A based epoxy resins in solution formulations where ease of mixing and processing is required. The thermal stability offered by epoxy novolac resins is a widely accepted asset in pre-preg manufacture for electrical laminates where they improve the resistance to hot solder as well as elevated temperature service. It is also used in coating applications where an increased corrosion/chemical resistance is desired.

DEN 438-A85

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Solution of D.E.N. 438 in acetone mainly for laminating or prepreg applications.

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