DER 326 - Description

D.E.R. 326 is a mono-functional reactive diluent modified liquid epoxy resin that has excellent resistance to crystallization. It is a C12-C14 aliphatic glycidylether modified bisphenol A based liquid epoxy resin. D.E.R.326 has a very low viscosity with excellent resistance to crystallization.

D.E.R. 326 offers a lower surface tension (about 15%) than other reactivediluent modified liquid epoxy resins. The lower surface tension results in excellent surface wetting, adhesion and lower viscosity at given filler loading. The extreme low viscosity incombination with the significantly reduced surface tensions can translate into cost savings ofthe formulated system as more filler can be used to reach the same viscosity. The aliphatic chain reactive diluent increases pot life as well as flexibility (impact resistance). Although the reactive diluent limits the solvent resistance somewhat, acid resistance is improved.

A wide variety of curing agents is available to cure this liquid epoxy resin at ambientconditions. Most frequently used are cycloaliphatic polyamines, polyamides, amidoamines,and modified versions of these. Such systems are sometimes cured at elevated temperatures to improve selected properties such as chemical resistance and glass transition temperature. If anhydride or catalytic curing agents are employed, elevated temperature and long-post cures are required to develop full end properties.

DER 326

More information about DER 326

  • Low viscosity liquid epoxy resin with minimal crystallization tendency
  • Offers low surface tension
  • Excellent wetting and flow

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