DER 337-DA97 - Description

D.E.R. 337-DA97 is a solution of D.E.R. 337 with diacetone alchohol. It is mainly used in adhesives and protective coatings, or as a modifier for other epoxy resins to improve impact strength, extensibility and adhesion.

D.E.R. 337 can be used to modify the performance or handling of liquid epoxy resin such as D.E.R. 331, or epoxy novolac resins such as D.E.N. 431 and D.E.N. 438 epoxy novolac resins. A wide variety of curing agents is available to cure this resin at ambient conditions. Most frequently used are aliphatic polyamines, plyamides and modified versions of thse. Elevated temperature cure is necessary and post-cure is required to develop full end properties if anhydride or catalytic curing agents are employed.

DER 337-DA97

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Solution of D.E.R. 337 with diacetone alcohol

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