DER 3680-X90 - Description

D.E.R. 3680-X90 Epoxy Resin Solution is a low molecular weight chemically modified epoxy resin dissolved in a xylene solution.

The chemical modification allows decreasing the solution viscosity compared to standard 1-type solid epoxy resin in solution. It also allows increasing coatings flexibility compared to that of coating prepared with standard liquid epoxy resins. D.E.R. 3680-X90 therefore makes it possible to develop high-solid (low VOC) coating formulations, without compromising on the coating end-properties such as flexibility and corrosion protection.

This resin solution can be used with polyamine or polyamide hardeners, traditionally used in the formulation of two-pack ambient temperature cure coatings formulation.

DER 3680-X90

More information about DER 3680 X90

  • Chemically modified low molecular weight epoxy resin in xylene
  • Offers lower viscosity allowing higher solids contents at similar corrosion protection properties
  • Improves lower temperature curing

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