DER 539-A80 - Description

D.E.R. 539-A80 is a brominated resin supplied in acetone. It is designed for the production of FR-4 type rigid board and multilayer electrical laminates. It isa di-functional epoxy, designed to provide UV-blocking and fluorescence capabilities to electrical laminates. Due to the enhanced composition of this resin, the need to utilize an expensive additive to provide UV-blocking and fluorescence is reduced or eliminated. This capability is available through the resin as furnished.

This resin can be used in the same processes and equipment as conventional di-functional epoxy resins. It is easily adaptable to existing industry formulations and can be processed in hot air and radiant treaters using conventional temperature profiles and pressed in the same fashion as conventional di-functional resins.

DER 539-A80

More information about DER 539 A80

  • Standard brominated epoxy resin in acetone having UV blocking properties
  • Formulated to provide enhanced UV-blocking and fluorescence

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