DER 6510HT - Description

D.E.R. 6510 HT is a specialty solid epoxy resin been developed for high-performance, fusion bonded epoxy(FBE)coatings for demanding corrosion protection applications. When properly formulated, it enables the FBE coatingto get excellent chemical and corrosion resistance coupled with high glass transition temperature.

D.E.R. 6510 HT has been chemically modified to allow FBE powder coating formulation to reach a glass transition temperature in excess of 160°C. Unlike other resins used in highperformance applications, D.E.R. 6510 HT enables the FBE coating to achieve an excellent balance of properties using commonly available, commercial crosslinkers and standard processing conditions.

DER 6510HT

More information about DER 6510HT

  • Specialty resin designed for high glass transition temperature fusion bonded epoxy coatings up to 170 °
  • C
  • Compatible with bisphenol A and novolac-modified epoxy resins andhardeners, allowing the formulated systems to reach an optimized balance of mechanical and thermal properties whilestill providing good corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals

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