DER 668-20 - Description

D.E.R. 668-20 solid epoxy resin is designed primarily for use in one pack stoving enamels in combination with heat-reactive crosslinking agents such as amino- and phenol-formaldehyde resins. D.E.R. 668-20 solid epoxy resin may also be used as binder in ambient curing systems in combination with isocyanate cross-linkers. Finishes made from D.E.R. 668-20 resin are suitable for metal decoration, interior and exterior can coatings, tube and drum linings, coil primers and many other industrial applications.

DER 668-20

More information about DER 668 20

  • High molecular weight "
  • 8 type"
  • epoxy resin designed for can & coil coatings
  • Offers improved flexibility versus equivalent 7-type epoxy resins

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