DER 750 - Description

D.E.R. 750 is a low viscosity, dipropylene glycol diepoxide modified standard bisphenol-A based liquid epoxy resin. Typically, bisphenol-A-epichlorohydrin based epoxy resins and other di- or multifunctional resins, containing the aromatic ring structure, will cure to hard, rigid compositions having rather low impact and elongation characteristics. D.E.R. 750 has been designed to impart flexibility to what may otherwise be rather brittle, epoxy binder systems. Suitable for civil engineering compounds (crack bridging), adhesives or for improvement of the toughness of fiber reinforced composites.

DER 750

More information about DER 750

  • Reduced viscosity versus standard liquid epoxy resins offers improved surface wetting and better adhesion
  • Increases pot life as well as flexibility and impact resistance
  • Limits the solvent resistance somewhat whereas an improved acid resistance can be observed when cured at room temperatures.

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