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Desmocap® branched aromatic ether/urethane resins are effective flexibilizers for epoxy coatings and sealants.

These non-solvent prepolymers are based on polyoxypropylene glycol (POPG) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and are blocked with alkylphenols. They react with amine crosslinkers and epoxy resins to form hybrid epoxy-urethane (polyurea-urethane-epoxy) polymers. The released alkylphenol remains in the coating and acts as a plasticizer.

The long, flexible polyoxypropylene units in Desmocap® prepolymers decrease the crosslink density in the coating, which results in increased elasticity and improved impact resistance – even at lower temperatures.



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Epoxies modified with Desmocap® resins also have:

• Lower glass transition temperatures

• Improved adhesion and intercoat adhesion

Desmocap® prepolymers are also used by themselves – individually or in combination – to prepare flexible coatings and sealants.


® = registered tradenamrk of COVESTRO AG, Leverkusen

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