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Desmodur® E products are a versatile family of polyisocyanate prepolymers suitable for use in a wide range of applications. They can be combined with variety of different polyols to produce coatings and adhesives with good toughness and elasticity.

Desmodur® E

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Desmodur® E 1160 MPA/X: Provides long-term protection against moisture, oil, fuel, chemical and mechanical damage. Used for wood coatings, wall and ceiling paneling, boats and furniture; clear impregnating systems.
Desmodur® E 14: Can be combined with hardeners to formulate highly flexible sealers. Used in1K PUR formulations to improve flexibility. Primarily used in construction sealants.
Desmodur® E 23A: Good abrasion resistance, toughness, and flexibility. Used in 1K moisture cure adhesives for bonding wood and other substrates; can also be used as a 1K primer and concrete sealant and 2K thick film coatings.
Desmodur® E 28: Can be formulated to contain zinc as zinc-rich primers that give galvanic protection. Can be used in 1K moisture cure PUR adhesives for wood and also used as primers and sealers for porous substrates.
Desmodur® E 210: Exhibits longer gel times and improved physical properties. Used in 2K polyurea caulks and sealants.
Desmodur® E 743: Produces 1K highly resilient, rubbery-like films with extremely high abrasion resistance. Suitable as a moisture cure coating for concrete.
Desmodur® E 744: Exhibits good toughness and elasticity. Can be used for 2K coatings used as high solids or solvent-free systems in application areas such as membranes, deck coatings, pipe coatings, roof coatings, binders, encapsulants, product finishing, or coatings for solvent-sensitive substrates such as polystyrene foams and other plastic materials

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